Monday, October 27, 2008

October activities

Noah has been a busy guy this past week. He painted pots and planted flowers. He also carved his first pumpkin. He did not like touching the goop that came out of the pumpkin, and I cannot blame him. He also got his first black eye this week. :( He was walking with his little piano, tripped over a ball, and smacked his eye. It was very sad! He also got to go with me to vote. He was really interested in the computer voting booth, and he almost cast his own vote! We spent Saturday in downtown with my brother. He really enjoyed seeing his Uncle Matt! This week will be busy too. We have another trip planned ot the downtown library, Boo at the Zoo, and Halloween!

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Brandi said...

Ha Ha! I love the picture of Toby strategically holding the pot over Noah!