Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When will my little one catch a break?

I am so frustrated and sad for Noah. Every time something happens and we are able to get over it, it seems like bad things start all over again. This time it is more of the same. His asthma flared back up at 3:30am last night, and we are having a hard time getting it under control. I want so badly to take away his pain and discomfort. I would give anything for him to have a completely normal life without all of these complications. It is so hard to listen to him struggle for every breath he takes. Now we are just waiting on the dr to call us back so we can get his medicine refilled. Hopefully, he will get over this round a little quicker than he did last time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a ....

Girl! My dr couldn't figure out what is was, so Toby and rushed home and made an appt. for the next day to have it done again at a place called Window in the Womb in Southlake. She found it right away. She was 85% sure it was a girl. It had better be, or some little boy is going to have a lot of pink!