Monday, October 27, 2008

October activities

Noah has been a busy guy this past week. He painted pots and planted flowers. He also carved his first pumpkin. He did not like touching the goop that came out of the pumpkin, and I cannot blame him. He also got his first black eye this week. :( He was walking with his little piano, tripped over a ball, and smacked his eye. It was very sad! He also got to go with me to vote. He was really interested in the computer voting booth, and he almost cast his own vote! We spent Saturday in downtown with my brother. He really enjoyed seeing his Uncle Matt! This week will be busy too. We have another trip planned ot the downtown library, Boo at the Zoo, and Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally content

All of my life I have always wished for what I have just had. When I was in high school, I wished I could move back to White Oak. When I was in college, I wished I could go back to high school. When I graduated and went to law school, I wished I was back in college. When I moved home to FW, I wished I was back in Houston, and so on and so on. Anyway, I realized this weekend, I am finally content with where I am. I do not want to go back to what I had before. I am finally happy, which makes me think that this is what I was meant to do. I am finally happy being a stay at home mom. After years of feeling like the past was so much better than where I was at that moment, it is great to be happy in the moment! This smile is what makes me the happiest:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days that ges okay despite the million things that went wrong? Today was the first full day where Noah did not have a binky unless he was sleeping. (This went suprisingly well until 4pm.) I was dreading an awful day, but things were really going pretty well. Noah seemed to be pretty happy, Toby left in a good mood, and the house was mostly clean. Well after lunch, we were in the bathroom getting ready when I saw Noah put something in his mouth. I reached in and felt nothing, so I snatched him up and washed out his mouth. Then I made him drink water. I was freaked out b/c Toby had dropped his deodorant on the ground and there were still pieces that he had not picked up b/c they were hidden by the rug that was being washed 4 days late. Anyway, I decided to call my mom and see if I should worry. No answer. I call my parent's house. No answer. I finally called my dad. He sounded weird and when I pressed him on it, he told me my mom was in the hospital. She has been having trouble with her asthma. SO he tells me go ahead and call poison control, who told me I have nothing to worry about. I go ahead and leave b/c my mom is going home. I decided to run to a new store that had just opened yesterday, b/c they were having a huge sale. On the way the car dvd player starts acting funny (I got this as an early b-day present b/c Noah hates riding in the car, I have had it maybe 3-4 weeks). I put in a new dvd and it starts working again. We do our shopping and get almost $85 of stuff for $39. I was pretty excited. So back in the car to drive to my college for an appt with my grad advisor to register for spring. We have no sooner left the parking lot than the whole dvd player breaks. No more fixing it, it is done. I am freaking out expecting a huge wail from the backseat, but suprisingly, he is okay. We get to the college, I have my meeting early and he is wonderful throughout the meeting. We get in the car, adn things are still okay. About 10 minutes from home, he starts crying. I try to hand him toys but he throws them. I know he is tired and ready for his nap, and I considered giving him a binky, but I don't. We get home, and I ahev to give him a breathing treatment. (I may have been a little worked up due to my mom but he was sounding really wheezy when he coughed.) I take him upstairs and get him ready for his nap. He starts screaming as soon as I put him down. I wait for 5 minutes and go try again. This time i get down the stairs before he is wailing. I have to feed the dog, take him out, and answer Toby's phone calls. I go back to check on him and it is not getting any better, so I give up on the nap since it is now 1 1/2 hour past nap time. He gets up, but is super fussy. I resist the urge to give him a binky. He was so tired that he was ready for his bath at 6:30. He has now been sleeping peacefully since 7:15 without so much of a peep, which is a miracle for him. However, in my anger and frustration I managed to bust one of our phones. It still works, but has no caller id. Fun! SO overall, it was a good day despite the problems we had.

New experiences

This weekend, Noah went to his first circus. He really loved it, especially the elephant and the spinning girls. My dad has joined Shrine, and Toby is going to join too so we went to support the Shrine Circus. We had to leave halfway through b/c it was Noah's nap time, so hopefully we will get to see the other half this weekend.

We are also trying to cut down his binky use. So these next few days are going to be fun trying to only let him use his binky at nap and bedtime. I know my pedi is going to say something at my next appt if I have not even started!

Also, after watching my son try and balance on a small throw pillow, I have decided to make him some big floor pillows. Now if you know me at all, you know that during home ec class in middle school I was only allowed to set the table and measure fabric. I was pretty much awful at everything else. I struggled to make a pillow, while my younger brother was able to make a pair of shorts with pockets. I have decided to try again so that I can sew for my son. So this should be interesting. Thank goodness I have lots of people around me who sew. My nana and I are going to the store tomorrow to get what I need. Hopefully, very soon I will have some pictures of a project completed. We'll see! :)

Also here are the pictures from our second pumpkin patch. Enjoy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The joys of motherhood

This Sunday, we were all ready to go to a new church in our neighborhood, until Noah didn't sleep through the night....again. We ran too late to make it to church, so we decided to go to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch with the playgroup. This was Noah's second pumpkin patch. Things were okay in the car. I kept hoping he would fall asleep for awhile, since my husband in all of his wisdom had convinced me that Noah could take a nap later. (I don't know why I listened. I should have known what was going to happen.) We got there and there were hundreds of people already there. We make the long trek from the fourth parking area to the main part. He is really fussy already as we are looking for members of my playgroup and looking at pumpkins. We found one member and said we were going to go eat. We get to the eating area, and there are bees everywhere. I am terrified of bees, so we made the long walk back to the car to eat and let Noah watch Elmo, thinking it might calm him down. We get done, and we walk back again. We decided to look for a pumpkin. We are on the second feild when Noah starts crying like he had pooped, why we didn't smell him I will never know. We decide the only thing to do (b/c walking back to the car is no longer an option unless we are going to leave) is to change him in the wagon in a less crowded part of the field. So we get his overalls off and start changing him on the sly, when here comes the pumpkin patch express! I just kept going too embarrassed to look up, but DH announced that there was a lady laughing pretty hard. I am thinking she is probably a mom that has done the same thing. And of course there was NO POOP! Usuually I would be happy about that but due to the situation, I was really mad that I had just changed Noah in a wagon for no poop and not much pee either. So we finish changing him, and it is going downhill fast. He is now an hour and a half past nap time. We chose a pumpkin quickly and then head out. The first 15 minutes of the 35 minute car ride were a nightmare. He was screaming and crying. Then he fell asleep. Thank goodness. He slept the whole way home and then took a short nap after we got home. I have learned a few things from this adventure:
1. No more pumpkin patches this year!
2. You can change a baby just about anywhere.
3. No more letting DH convince me that naptime can be made up later.

We do have some cute pictures that I will post later.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumkins, pumpkins everywhere!

We went to our first pumpkin patch this week. It was very small and did not have a lot for Noah to do, so we are going to another one this weekend. Noah liked looking at the pumpkins, although the hay really aggravated his allergies and we had to leave after only 30 minutes. We have been working on pumpkins this month. He has two pumpkins that he plays with and lots of foam pumpkins that he likes to draw on. Here are some of the pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You can take the teacher out of the classroom...

I have been worried ever since I pulled Noah out of daycare that he would be missing out on something. In true teacher fashio, I decided to create "lesson plans" for days home with him. I have picked a theme for each month as well as a color, and we try to focus on these. Last month was the color green and the theme was leaves. We went on a leaf hunt at Nana's house. He then made an art project out of the leaves. He played with fake leaves and colored on construction paper leaves. This month is pumpkins and the color orange. We are taking our first trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with our playgroup. In the beginning I said I felt like Noah would be missing out. I have realized today that there is nothing he could learn in daycare that I cannot teach him at home, plus so much more. As each day goes by, I am more sure of my decision to stay home. I am also more sure that I want to stay at home as long as possible. I don't want to miss out on one second with my son.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Number 2?

I have always wanted 2 kids by the time I was 30. In the last few weeks I realized that I am trucking toward 30 pretty fast. I will be 29 in a couple a months. This of course makes me feel super old. It didn't help anything that my hs reunion just happened. I have an appointment with a RE next month. My PCOS has made getting pregnant without help impossible. I am so ready to be pregnant again, but at the same time, I am terrified. There were so many times that I just felt like I could not go on when I was TTC Noah. For those of you who have never dealt with this, let me explain the process. I would first start with prometrium to make my cycle start (sorry if that is total TMI). Then I would take Clomid (with the strength getting higher each month) for days 3-9 of my cycle. Now let me explain something about Clomid. I am surprised I got pregnant at all, b/c clomid can make you into a total *itch. (even more so than I usually am :) ) It makes you moody and emotional and downright evil. Then, you get to start a baby dance ;) schedule (not fun). Anyway around day 21, you go in for blood work (this is when I knew that I must really want a baby b/c I am terrified of needles). Then after a day or two, you get a phone call telling you if you ovulated or not. For 6 months (they were wrong once), I was told that the medicine didn't work. I would leave the office or hang up the phone in tears. Then the process starts all over again. This is very frustrating especially when you see high school girls getting pregnant with no problem. Anyway, we are now about to embark on this journey again with all of this knowledge hanging over our head. As well as the fear of my preeclampsia coming back. Toby is understandably not ready. He remembers! Anyway, I am ready to go and hear what the doctor has to say, and hopefully, I will have 2 kids by the time I am 30!