Monday, November 23, 2009


I had my shower yesterday. It was wonderful! The hostesses really outdid themselves. Everything was so pretty and I appreciate it so much! Madeline got so many adorable clothes. I think she will have to be changed twice a day to wear them all! (But that's okay! When Noah was little I used to change his clothes at least twice as a day! :) )I got some great things for the nursery and some gift cards so I can finish up with what I need. Babies r us is also having black Friday sales on several of our more expensive items, so we should be able to finish up before she comes. I will have to post pictures later. I forgot my camera, so my mom has the pictures. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good times!

I had my 34 week appt and sono today. Everything is looking great. Blood pressure is low and no protein in my urine. She has flipped and is now head down and she is also measuring ahead a few days. This little one may be making her appearance before her due date. The c section may have to be moved up! She is weighing in at a little over 5 lbs. Totally crazy because she is almost double the size of Noah when he was born! It is strange to have a normal pregnancy!!

Tomorrow, I get to go see New Moon with my mom. I am so excited. It will be my last movie for a while! I am also going shopping for an early birthday present with my Nana. I want a really nice diaper bag that is going to last, so we are going tomorrow to pick one out.

We are also putting up our Christmas stuff on Saturday. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but we decided to go ahead and get it done sooner rather than later, because we still have to finish the nursery. Everything is almost done. My mom has just a few more things to sew for the bedding and we have to paint.

I also have my shower this weekend! I am so excited. I was so worried they were going to find something wrong today at my appt and put me on bedrest and I would not be able to go. But luckily everything is perfect! What a fun week this is!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pet peeves

I went out shopping for Christmas presents today and I thought I was going to have to take some people out. So it got me to thinking about my pet peeves (and there are a lot)

1. People who can't drive. Seriously, if the phone is too much of a distraction to your foot, put the phone down and drive! I don't like going 20 miles under the speed limit at any time, but especially not when I have a hungry 2 year old whose dvd is skipping in the backseat!

2. People with no manners~ I see this all the time. I don't understand how people function in this world without a basic concept of manners. I teach my son to say please and thank you and to be polite. I also teach him to have good table manners. When he gets old enough, I will teach him to hold the door open for people. Why do I see men (or women) who see someone struggling with bags and a two year old and just let the door close behind them? Even if I have Noah, I try to always help out when I see someone who needs help getting through the door.

3. Stores that say they have something on their website and you get to the store only to find out it is only online. That would be fine if it said that on the website! I was able to get Noah into Best Buy by telling him we were going to look for a certain DVD. When we got in there, they had none. Even though online they had a selection of more than 30. So Noah was bummed and that started our ride home off badly.

4. People who act nice, but are really not at all~ Why not just be the way you are all the time. I cannot stand fake nice people. If you are a *itch, just be one all the time. Don't pretend you are not.

5. People who are constantly in your business when they have no right to be.

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones that came to mind after today.

Now since I don't want to be a downer, I thought I would list some of the things that made me smile today.

1. Christmas shopping~ I love the holidays and I am so ready!

2. The fact that my son is fascinated by falling leaves. He loves to watch them fall from the sky.

3. Going into an expensive kid clothing store to buy Noah's Christmas outfit to find that every piece was on sale! I got the whole thing for under $35 when it should have been at least $70.

4. warm snuggles with my little guy

5. Noah being so excited to see his Daddy come home from work

6. Noah talking all the time about everything (today was mostly about the park and getting to see Granna and Pawpaw tomorrow, he asks to go to their house everyday!)

7. feeling my precious little girl kick me and knowing that she is growing big and strong

Sorry for the long post! Just had to get some of that off my chest!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ob appt. 32 weeks

I had my OB appt today and a sono to check Madeline's growth. Everything is going well. Madeline weighs around 4 pounds and is measuring a few days ahead. She is still breech although I am having a c section so it really doesn't matter too much. I go back in two weeks for another sono and appt. So happy that this pregnancy is going well. I feel like this appt was a big milestone, b/c Noah was almost here at this point. I think he was born right at 33 weeks. Now I can look forward to a bunch of fun stuff coming up, like Thanksgiving, my shower, a few days off for Toby, and Christmas shopping! I love this time of year, and it has been made even better with the wonderful news that this pregnancy so far is going well!

Edited to add~ I forgot that I finally got Noah his shot. I have called his dr everyday for almost three weeks and on Monday, they finally had some in. So he was bale to get the first half of his shot on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will have enough for him to get the second round in a month.