Monday, October 13, 2008

The joys of motherhood

This Sunday, we were all ready to go to a new church in our neighborhood, until Noah didn't sleep through the night....again. We ran too late to make it to church, so we decided to go to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch with the playgroup. This was Noah's second pumpkin patch. Things were okay in the car. I kept hoping he would fall asleep for awhile, since my husband in all of his wisdom had convinced me that Noah could take a nap later. (I don't know why I listened. I should have known what was going to happen.) We got there and there were hundreds of people already there. We make the long trek from the fourth parking area to the main part. He is really fussy already as we are looking for members of my playgroup and looking at pumpkins. We found one member and said we were going to go eat. We get to the eating area, and there are bees everywhere. I am terrified of bees, so we made the long walk back to the car to eat and let Noah watch Elmo, thinking it might calm him down. We get done, and we walk back again. We decided to look for a pumpkin. We are on the second feild when Noah starts crying like he had pooped, why we didn't smell him I will never know. We decide the only thing to do (b/c walking back to the car is no longer an option unless we are going to leave) is to change him in the wagon in a less crowded part of the field. So we get his overalls off and start changing him on the sly, when here comes the pumpkin patch express! I just kept going too embarrassed to look up, but DH announced that there was a lady laughing pretty hard. I am thinking she is probably a mom that has done the same thing. And of course there was NO POOP! Usuually I would be happy about that but due to the situation, I was really mad that I had just changed Noah in a wagon for no poop and not much pee either. So we finish changing him, and it is going downhill fast. He is now an hour and a half past nap time. We chose a pumpkin quickly and then head out. The first 15 minutes of the 35 minute car ride were a nightmare. He was screaming and crying. Then he fell asleep. Thank goodness. He slept the whole way home and then took a short nap after we got home. I have learned a few things from this adventure:
1. No more pumpkin patches this year!
2. You can change a baby just about anywhere.
3. No more letting DH convince me that naptime can be made up later.

We do have some cute pictures that I will post later.

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