Saturday, March 6, 2010

My kids

I am so blessed to have my kids.  Not only because I thought I may never be able to have kids, but because they are two of the sweetest, cutest, smartest kids I know. (I'm not biased or anything! :) )  I was so worried with Noah that he would be jealous of Maddie.  I think he is sometimes, but most of the time he just wants to love on her. 

He always lets me know when she needs something.  He will run and tell me if her binky fell out.  He tells me "Mommy, baby sister back a binky please!" 

He loves to help give her baths. (He pours water on her feet.)  I cannot tell you the number of times he has said to me "Mommy, baby sister beautiful."  It is so wonderful to watch him with her.  I hope they grow up to have a close relationship. 

things I am loving right now:
-singing songs with my son
-Tuesday story time
-having pretend picnics on the floor of the playroom 

-watching my daughter look up and grin and coo at me
-spending every moment I can with my kids while they are young

-my parents and grandparents relationship with my kids (Noah cannot get enough of his Granna, Gramps, Nana, and Papa)
-the rare nights out with my husband (I am very glad that we still have things to talk about besides the kids and still enjoy just hanging out together)
-having great friends and watching Noah making friends
-games of peek a boo

-watching my son love on my daughter and knowing how blessed I am


snow day

We had a record snow day in Feb.  We got 14 inches at our house.  Noah loved playing in the snow, and asked Toby to take him outside all the time.  Although as soon as he feel down in the snow, he was done.  He did not like that at all!  We took Maddie out just for a little bit to take her picture, but she in not a fan of the cold or the wind, so she didn't last long.  She has had two snowstorms in her short life: Christmas and this one.  We had a lot of fun that day.  Here are some pictures.
Toby, Noah and Maddie in the snow.
Noah measuring the snow.


I have finally made my blog private. I have been wanting to share pictures of our lives, but I did not feel comfortable posting them on here for everyone to see.

Maddie had her two month appt. She is 11 lbs 13 oz and 22 inches long. She is our little chunky monkey, which Noah loves calling her. I have always said I wanted a baby that has those really chunky thighs with rolls. Now I do! Her legs are adorable.

She is smiling and cooing all of the time now. I can't believe she is growing up so fast.

Noah is also growing like a weed. He is in 3T clothes now, which is amazing that he has finally caught up. He is so smart he amazes me. He knows how to count to 20, most of the time he gets the numbers, count to 3 in spanish, say his abc's, reads his name, etc. And he cracks me up all the time. He is constantly saying funny things or doing funny things. Like when he is thinking about something he taps his finger to his chin like he is thinking really hard. So cute!! I can't believe he is going to be three so soon!