Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why is money so much more important than students and employees?

Toby went to get his flu shot today, and I asked to to find out the policy on notification of the swine flu. He was told that his district is not informing parents, students, or teachers about the swine flu. I am assuming it is b/c they don't want a bunch of people out b/c they would lose money. So now, we are just going to have to act like every sick child at Toby's school could have it. I am so worried about catching it or Noah catching it. Toby is pretty healthy, so if he caught it hopefully his case would be mild but you never know. But with Noah having asthma and me being pregnant, we cannot afford to get it. I am still undecided about the shot for myself. I don't think there has been enough research. I asked Noah's dr about it today and he really wants him to get it. I am not sure if I will get it for him either. I am hoping maybe if Toby gets the shot, stays very clean, and we don't go many places, maybe we will be okay. Here's hoping.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm undecided about the swine flu shot too. I think I will pass this year and just get the "regular" flu shot. Kids already scheduled for October 3rd. It is scary with Alex having asthma and being in school with all those yucky germs.