Friday, September 11, 2009

Good appt.

I had my appt. today with my OB and so far everything is great! Blood pressure is stable and no protein in my urine. That nasty pre eclampsia needs to stay away! :) I also got a flu shot for the first time in my life. He wants me to get a swine flu shot next time, but I think I am going to decline it. There has just not been enough research done for my peace of mind. Next appt. I get to see my little one on the sono. The dr could not get a good view of the four chambers of the heart, so I get to have another one. I also get to take another glucose test. Fun times! But I am so glad that this dr is watching me very closely. I also found out that my insurance company drug their feet in getting my benefits to my new dr. They waited until after Sept. 1 so that I now have another $500 deductible that has not been met at all. If they would have run it when they were supposed to, my entire deductible would have been met! So frustrating. I am enjoying every moment of pregnancy as it will be my last. (Unless I can convince Toby of something different! :) )

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Denise Lauren said...

glad things are going so well. feel up to dinner soon? we miss you guys. you should see joshua -- he's HUGE!