Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No, no...get down...don't stand on that.. what are you doing?!?

I feel like those are the only words I say anymore. Noah is into everything. We put up our Christmas trees this past weekend, because the weekend after Thanksgiving is already very busy. He has tried to pull off all of the ornaments. He does not like the fact that his Elmo ornaments are on the tree and not in his hand. When he is not messing with the tree, he is climbing on tables, standing on his rocking horse, getting inside his blanket basket, climbing on our baker's rack, hitting the dog, eating random things off the ground (including his first, but I am sure not last, dead bug)! Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind! By the time, Toby gets home I am exhausted! I wonder what it will be like with two?

I finished my Clomid on Sunday. I have had all of the side effects, including some I forgot about. I did not remember having all of the hot flashes, but when I mentioned it, Toby just rolled his eyes and reminded me of last time! So now we wait. I go to the dr on Dec. 8th to see if I ovulated or not. For now, I just sit here and pray!

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