Monday, November 10, 2008

Challenge and weekend

My best friend in Houston has issued a challenge to support small businesses. While I am not able to do very much (because I live in the middle of cow country and there are very few stores around), I thought I would post the small businesses that I am trying to go to more often. I bought her son's Christmas present at a cute little toy store called The Owl's Nest. It is a great little store with toys that are not all made in China! It was very exciting for me to find this store, and Noah loved it. He cried when we had to leave!

Also, I thought I would post some pics from our Sunday adventure to the Botanical Gardens. We went to try and get Noah outside so he would be a little happier, it wasn't a huge sucess! He spent most of the day crying. Oh well, I got some cute pics! Then we headed off to the stockyards for some yummy BBQ. Enjoy!

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Crisa said...

YAY I'm so glad you are joining in!!! Those are some handsome boys you've got there.