Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here we go

Tomorrow I start on the Clomid. I am already emotional. I am so hopeful that it will work on the first try and we will not have to go through all of this over and over again. I keep telling myself to not get my hopes up, but I have already looked into what my due date would be, thought about names, etc. I am so ready for the next little one, but terrified of the process. I am just going to pray and cross my fingers. Hopefully, Noah will have a little brother or sister before Christmas 2009.

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LaLa n D.U. said...

I TOTALLY Understand & I will be thinking of you guys and praying for you. I have done all the same: thought of the date, have my names picked out etc. Atleast, you have Noah there to keep you busy in the meantime. I'm just so impatient and eager. Hopefully will know something by the end of the month. Sendin some baby dust your way. :D