Thursday, November 6, 2008

TTC #2

Okay. It is offical! We are ttc #2! I met my new doctor today, and he started me on medicine right away. We went and filled it and tomorrow I start taking progesterone. I have promised Toby that I will not be bitchy this time! :) I am very excited and very scared. I don't want the pre eclampsia to come back, but the dr said having it before doesn't mean I will get it again for sure. So here is hoping! The dr seems to think I should be able to get pregnant rather quickly. He put me on the highest amount of clomid he can. So hopefully everything will go well, and I willbe pregnant soon!


LaLa n D.U. said...

I sure do hope So!!! That's so cool and maybe it will work out really fast this time. Noah would probably be a great big brother. So what made you switch doctors from the Dr. You had before when you helped get pregnant with Noah, Just curious?

Crisa said...

wooooooohooooooooooo I'm so excited for you!! Ok I'm calling you on Monday. We've got some talking to do. Oh and I wanted you to know that I blocked you as a follower, bc I'm using it for my challenge and didn't know if you wanted to be listed or not. Just let me know.