Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ear infections

Noah has been sick since Thanksgiving. He ran his first fever. :( I finally took him to the doctor after I waited the three days the office told me to wait and see if it passed. I should have trusted my gut instinct and taken him in, because he might be better ny now. He has been laying around, not doing much of anything. He wants me to hold him all the time, which is very hard as I am trying to finish up school for this semester. We have not been able to do any fun Christmas things yet. Although we did go ahead and put up our trees. Noah really did not like decorating those. He has watched Elmo saves Christmas, but that is about it. We were supposed to go see my dad march in the Fort Worth Christmas parade, but he was too sick. We did get his picture taken with Santa. He did not like that at all! This weekend, we are going to our town's tree lighting and hopefully to downtown to see that Santa and enjoy downtown at Christmas. Hopefully, he will feel better soon and we will be able to do some fun Christmas activities! Here is his Santa pic.

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