Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ob appt. 32 weeks

I had my OB appt today and a sono to check Madeline's growth. Everything is going well. Madeline weighs around 4 pounds and is measuring a few days ahead. She is still breech although I am having a c section so it really doesn't matter too much. I go back in two weeks for another sono and appt. So happy that this pregnancy is going well. I feel like this appt was a big milestone, b/c Noah was almost here at this point. I think he was born right at 33 weeks. Now I can look forward to a bunch of fun stuff coming up, like Thanksgiving, my shower, a few days off for Toby, and Christmas shopping! I love this time of year, and it has been made even better with the wonderful news that this pregnancy so far is going well!

Edited to add~ I forgot that I finally got Noah his shot. I have called his dr everyday for almost three weeks and on Monday, they finally had some in. So he was bale to get the first half of his shot on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will have enough for him to get the second round in a month.


Denise Lauren said...

yay, christin! so happy for you!

Crisa said...

Yay for flu shot and a big healthy baby. I can't wait to meet her!