Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good times!

I had my 34 week appt and sono today. Everything is looking great. Blood pressure is low and no protein in my urine. She has flipped and is now head down and she is also measuring ahead a few days. This little one may be making her appearance before her due date. The c section may have to be moved up! She is weighing in at a little over 5 lbs. Totally crazy because she is almost double the size of Noah when he was born! It is strange to have a normal pregnancy!!

Tomorrow, I get to go see New Moon with my mom. I am so excited. It will be my last movie for a while! I am also going shopping for an early birthday present with my Nana. I want a really nice diaper bag that is going to last, so we are going tomorrow to pick one out.

We are also putting up our Christmas stuff on Saturday. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but we decided to go ahead and get it done sooner rather than later, because we still have to finish the nursery. Everything is almost done. My mom has just a few more things to sew for the bedding and we have to paint.

I also have my shower this weekend! I am so excited. I was so worried they were going to find something wrong today at my appt and put me on bedrest and I would not be able to go. But luckily everything is perfect! What a fun week this is!

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