Thursday, October 29, 2009

appt and irritations

I had my 31 week appt today. Everything is looking good so far. I will start having u/s every 2 weeks starting next week to keep an eye on her fluid and growth. I also got my H1N1 shot. I was lucky that I went in today and was able to get it.

My irritations are that I cannot find a shot for Noah. His dr is still waiting on his shipment. In the meantime, our county is holding a clinic, but when I called to ask how they were going to verify that people are telling the truth about their child actually being high risk, I was basically told that I should wait to get it at my dr. This one, it seems, is really being marketed to those without insurance. Why is my child less important just b/c I pay out the rear end to have really awful insurance? Why are my tax dollars going to pay for a bunch of kids that may or may not be high risk to get the shot, while I have to wait? And when Noah's shot comes in, it won't be free. I will pay $25 to get it, although I would pay any amount of money to keep my son healthy. On the same note, I have heard that the Obama girls have received their shots. So glad that my child who has asthma that was so severe that he had to be pulled out of daycare has to sit and wait, while others go ahead of him. If they would have let me, I would have given my shot to Noah. Sorry to vent, but I get so frustrated when my son's health is put in jeopardy.

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