Thursday, October 8, 2009


I had an ultrasound this morning, because he could not see the heart well last time. We saw the four chambers beating away. We also confirmed again that it was a girl, although I don't know how he could tell! She is still breech. She is measuring right on track, except her head is a little big! But nothing to worry about. The fluid around her is good. Noah loved seeing her on the screen. Then we we got out, he took the pictures and pointed right to her face and said baby. I also had to get my blood drawn. Noah was very upset that I had a boo boo and gave me many kisses! After the appt. we went out with my parents to Target and then to lunch. Noah loved seeing his Granna and Gramps, and he was not happy when they had to leave! I start seeing the dr every two weeks now. Time is flying!

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