Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shrine Circus

Noah went to his second Shrine Circus yesterday. He was so excited all day, that he asked me about the circus all day long (next time I am not mentioning it until we pull up in the parking lot!). We got there and headed up to my dad's group room. He was very excited to see his Granna and Gramps (especially when Gramps had on his funny hat and then when he put on his funny costume). He got a special surprise when his Uncle Matt showed up. Noah was so excited and was running all around yelling Matt's name. After we ate, Noah got a toy from Gramps. This was the highlight of his evening. He slept with the toy last night! We watched the circus for about an hour and a half, before we had to go (way past Noah's bed time). Noah loved it, especially the horses (or neigh neighs in Noah speech) and elephants. He was so tired and ready to leave, but in the car on the way home every once in a while he would say "more circus." He can't wait to go back. Here are a few pictures. I forgot I had my camera, so I didn't take as many as I would have liked.

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