Sunday, February 7, 2010


I not felt like blogging in a while, and I am still working on making my blog private. We have been having a great time since I blogged last. Maddie is growing into such a cutie. She has finally started to smile and her little dimples are adorable! Noah is so in love with his baby sister. We recently were at our friend's house and her daughter was patting on Maddie. I thought Noah was going to flip out on her. Now I don't know if it was out of love for Maddie or irritation that his friend might like Maddie better. It was still cute!! We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo yesterday with my parents. Noah got a new pair of boots and a new hat from his Gramps. He loves them and has not taken them off since we got home (except to sleep thank goodness!). We moved Noah to a twin bed and he has a new cowboy room. We still have to paint it and add a few more touches, but it is really cute so far. I also started selling Uppercase Living. They are cute things to put on your walls or make crafts out of. They are really nice. I got my first few pieces the other day, and it has really made a nice impact on our walls. Toby made his own using a quote he liked for his classroom. I am very excited, and I hope this allows me to bring in a little extra money. That is about it for now.

Noah's new bed

We had this picture made at the Stock Show.

Noah and Gramps

Uppercase living in her room

Uppercase Living in our living room

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