Monday, December 20, 2010

My awful picture experience

Here is a review I wrote of the Portrait innovations in Colleyville.

Let me start by saying that I have gone to the same portrait innovations for 3 years and we have never had a problem, but today was awful.  We went for my daughter's first birthday and Christmas pictures of my two kids.  The photographer was awful.  She was not good with the kids and we only got a couple were they were even smiling.  Then she kept rushing us.  At one point she said they were done with Christmas shots and I had to tell her to take some of the kids by themselves.  Then we took my daughter's pictures with a smash cake for her birthday.  After we were done, I went to clean her up and came back to find she was having trouble loading the pics on the comp.  She finally got them loaded only to find that she had lost over half of the pictures of my daughter with the cake.  I was upset and her response was excuse after excuse.  She decided to give me 15 free birthday cards.  I left and was not happy, as I can never get that back.  We waited 15 mins longer than they told us and then came back for our pictures and found out it was going to be another 15 mins, b/c the photographer had messed up the color splash.  When I told them I was unhappy with what had happened that day, I got more and more excuses.  I asked to speak to a manager, who very rudely told me that we only lost 10 pictures and made it sound like ti was not a big deal.  Almost all the pictures of her and the cake were gone and the ones we got were awful.  I told the manager that I did not think 15 free cards really made up for what had happened.  After more rudeness and more excuses, she finally agreed to refund half of the money.  Then when we got home we found that some of the pictures had a big white stripe down the side and the cd would only load some of the pictures that were supposed to be there.  I will never go back to the Colleyville, Tx location, as it was the worst experience I have ever had.

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