Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When you are not looking

When you are not looking your babies start growing up too fast.  One minute I had this tiny baby boy who was completely dependent upon me for everything.  Now I have this little man.  He calls me mom instead of mommy, wants to wear "big boy clothes" like daddy (mainly belts and hats- he thinks they are for big boys), he know how to spell and read several words, and he has best friends.  He is no longer my little baby.  And then my little baby girl is growing too fast too.  She used to need me for everything, but now she can get what she wants, and she is eating big people food.  She is standing up and cruising around.  In just a few short months she will be 1.  Where has the time gone?  I want to freeze time and let them be little forever.  I want to savor every moment with my two miracles.   But time marches on, and my babies become a little less baby everyday.  I really realized this today after the photo session.  I was looking at a picture of Noah and he looks like a big boy.  I just couldn't get over it.  Here are some pics from today.

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