Wednesday, December 9, 2009

37 weeks

Yesterday was a crazy day. I had my 37 week appt. Nothing new. Everything still looked good. I got home and at 1:50 started having contractions. They felt like BH so I wasn't too worried. Well they started becoming more regular and taking my breath away. By 6 pm they were every 7 minutes and my back was killing me. I put in a call to the on call dr at about 8 pm. She told me to head to the hospital for observation. They put me on the monitor, and they baby looked great and they were picking up contractions every 2-4 minutes. They checked me and I was not dilated at all. So they kept me on the monitor and checked me again in an hour. Still nothing so we headed home. I am still having contractions, but they said to wait until the really begin to hurt. So now we are in a waiting game. After last night, I realized I still have a ton of stuff to do before she gets here! Hopefully she can hold off until at least this weekend. Or who knows, she may just hold on until the c section date!

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