Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well I thought things were supposed to go better this year, but it has not happened yet. Yesterday, my parents had to put down their dog Shep. They just lost their other dog Baby in early 2007. Shep was a good, sweet dog that everyone loved. He developed cancer and it was so bad that all of his organs were pushed to one side of his body. I found out that possibly due to the progesterone shot, I have developed cellulitis. It is a fun skin infection. I have to stay on the nastiest antibiotics known to man for 2 days then go back and make sure that it will not have to be surgically opened to get the infection out. Fun times! My papa is having surgery tomorrow, so most of my family is in Houston (the one bit of good news we had is that his surgery is not going to be as bad as we expected). On top of all of this, we are trying to get pregnant. We are hoping everything happens on time, because if not Toby's surgery will interfere with us ttc. I will be so happy when March is over! I am trying to convince Toby to take us on vacation during the first half of spring break. If I don't get away, I may go insane! :)

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Tamara said...

With March coming to an end, I hope your month got better. How is your grandfather doing after his surgery? How are you doing now with your cellulitis? I'm sorry to hear that you have had a rough start to the year. Hang in there it will get better soon.