Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have been agonizing for months that Noah was not talking on time. I have talked to lots of friends and family about this and they made me feel better. I heard from a lot of people that boys just take a little longer to talk. But still there is always that small part in the back of my mind that worried that Noah would have some sort of speech problems. But thank goodness I am not so worried anymore! :) He started saying "car" yesterday. I realize now that he has been talking for about a week, I was just waiting for the words to be really clear and perfect. His first true words were "all gone". He also says "oh no", "done", "bye", and Toby swears he said "dog" this morning. He tries to repeat what we are saying. Yesterday he was trying to say "banana", but that one will take some work. I understood him, but I am sure everyone else would just think it was gibberish. I feel this overwhelming sense of relief. He is saying something new everyday. It took him a while, but now he is talking all the time!

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