Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am so hoping that 2009 will be better than 2008. 2008 brought very little happiness and a whole lot of pain. From Noah and Toby having surgery (surgeries in Toby's case) to problems with Toby's family and having to deal with the situation at work and trying to get pregnant again and losing friends (if they were ever truly friends to begin with). I am exhausted. I am hoping that it is now our turn to have some good luck this year. I always say that things don't have to be great, just normal. That is again my hope for this new year, to have a year of normal. Toby will be having another surgery in March, hopefully everything will go okay and it will be his last. We have been worrying about how to survive the summer without the help of my student loans, and then we got a small piece of an inheritance that will allow us to breathe a little easier. So things are looking up, I just hope they stay there. I wish a happy new year for all of you and your families. I hope 2009 is the best yet!

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LaLa n D.U. said...

I really hope 2009 Is a better year for yall. It sounds like last year WAS ALOT to deal w/ For sure. What all kinds of problems have you run into w/ Toby's family, If yall don't mind my asking. I hope everything is ok. Well, I feel like we have somewhat the same stuff going on. I'm bout to start all that Fertility Stuff even more again. I have an appt tomorrow. And I too Lost friends in 2008, it was definately for the best though and I can see that clearly now. I'm actually thankful to have lost them. I don't need destructive ppl in my life. I can already feel that 2009 is going better. Dustin and I are doing GREAT without all the nonsense of those extra destructive ppl. Misery loves company you know & they were just destructive. I feel so good about this year. I wish you guys the best in it too.